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Integrity Golf strives to be a different kind of golf course builder. We know that being a part of a successful project is the result of a successful relationship between the contractor, the architect, and the owner. Forming this bond is our primary goal on each new project. We hope that the more projects we undertake and complete, the better our reputation becomes.

Any reputable company knows that it's strength lies in its people, and that's where the process starts. Good people have the passion for their work, the commitment to get the job done, and the honor to stand behind it - in short The Integrity it takes to form these relationships.

Integrity Golf is a turn-key golf course construction company. We have the ability to perform the entire job from the mass excavation to grassing in house. Having one contractor managing all aspects of golf course construction ensures a seamless and efficient construction schedule which results in a cost savings to the owner.

Please take a look around our site and see what we've done and are currently up to. We care about the work we do, and we hope that is clear from the work we produce.

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